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Establishment of ‘Swami ram krishna’ Producer Company Limited is to provide the full benefits of the employees and general members working in the company to provide their security and employment opportunities in the same areas, in order to fulfill the needs of the masses, making groups of members for the fulfillment of these purposes. Establishment of dairy, installation of cold storage and retail math at the town level.

To be introduced, In view of its social commitment, in view of its social commitment, in the interest of its members, a primary school and primary health center have also been set up in view of education and medical needs on each of your dairy. . A large dung gasses plant is also proposed in each of your dairy, which can be given to our members for dung gas kitchen and electricity.
The effort of ‘Swami Ram krishna’ is a major goal of employment swelling along with income, even today, our rural area is delusional due to lack of proper employment, our establishment will provide a direct and indirect way of providing employment for 500 people. . Along with this, having a big dairy will also provide adequate dung to our members, which will be given to our members as organic manure to enhance the fertility of our agricultural land.
In the coming days, a lot of work will be done for the interests of the members, which will be mainly related to agriculture, whether it is knowledge of agriculture or the way to increase production.

The basic purpose of ‘Swami ram krishna’ is to work with determination for development in every class associated with society.

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