Floriculture can be defined as “the art and knowledge of growing flowers to perfection”. As a branch of horticulture it deals with the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants from the planting time to the harvest time. It also includes the production of planting material by seed, cutting, budding, grafting, etc., to the marketing of flower and flower products.


In SRKPCL floriculture is mainly used by flower lovers as a hobby. Recently, however, the high cost of planting materials, seeds, cut flowers, etc. and the increase in their demand have created breeder awareness of the commercial aspects. Although commercial floriculture is a recent development in SRKPCL, it has a very high potential for growing all kinds of flowers considering the natural advantages of the different climatic conditions in the country.

The rich flora and many species of orchids that grow wild in the state, the highest ever recorded in a single concentrated area, are evidence of this effect. This scheme has brought very positive and positive effects on yields for farmers, created new economic opportunities, and, in a short time, extended the benefits to existing farmers’ assets.

The selected beneficiaries have been made aware of the benefits of ornamental crops and more motivated by the incentives given in this program, in particular in the commercial aspects which automatically improve their socio-economic conditions.

Criteria for selection of beneficiaries under Floriculture:


1. Beneficiary must have a minimum area of 0.2 ha. or more.
2. Preference will be given to highly enlightened progressive farmers, entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in non – food crops.
3. Beneficiary will be selected by the officer of the respective District Horticulture Officer.
4. Beneficiary must have some level of familiarity with ornamental crops.
5. Beneficiary must have the necessary financial support! economic base for expansion in terms of planting materials, infrastructure etc to improve the commercial potentiality as required! demanded in the cultivation of ornamental crops

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